Be Inclusive


Inclusion Is Essential to Success

Increasing diversity and inclusion in organizations is not about “doing the right thing”—it is essential to success. Catalyst helps organizations build the business case for diversity and inclusion, and we’ve developed inclusive leadership strategies that help everyone feel welcome and appreciated. In fact, our research has found:

  • The more included employees felt, the more innovative they reported being in their jobs.

  • The more included employees felt, the more they reported engaging in team citizenship behaviors—going above and beyond the “call of duty” to help other team members and meet workgroup objectives.

  • Perceiving similarities with coworkers engendered a feeling of belongingness while perceiving differences led to feelings of uniqueness.


Infographic: Be Inclusive Every Day  (PDF version)

Demonstrate EACH Behaviors

Catalyst research has identified four leadership attributes linked to inclusion—Empowerment, Accountability, Courage, and Humility (EACH). With the EACH behaviors, inclusive leaders create innovative, dynamic workplaces where employees feel connected to and supportive of one another, and where everyone can advance and thrive:  

  • Empowerment: You enable direct reports to develop and excel.
  • Accountability: You demonstrate confidence in direct reports by holding them responsible for performance they can control.
  • Courage: You put personal interests aside to achieve what needs to be done; you act on convictions and principles even when it requires personal risk-taking.
  • Humility: You admit mistakes, you accept and learn from criticism and different points of view; you seek contributions to overcome limitations.

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Inclusive Leadership Training: Leading With Effective Communication

What does it take to inspire others, promote a novel idea, or even have a difficult conversation? How can you position yourself as a leader through inclusive communication? Catalyst experts explore this topic and the important role communication plays in inclusive leadership with our CatalystX series of online courses hosted on Through research and real-world examples, learn strategies to enhance your communication skills and approach. Sign up today!

Inclusion Includes Everybody

Women of Color

Discussions of inclusion must involve women of color, including African-American women, Latinas, and Asian women, who will make up 53% of the female population of the United States by 2050. Learn more from our latest work on this subject:


Sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression—not to be confused with sexual activity or behavior—are personal characteristics that everyone has. Including LGBTQI employees is a vital component of a comprehensive diversity and inclusion strategy.  Find out how to better recruit, retain, develop, and advance LGBTQI employees to help your organization compete effectively for talent, minimize attrition costs, and better access LGBTQI consumer markets.

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