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At Catalyst, we firmly believe in, and commit all of our efforts to, our manifesto, that women must achieve parity with men in opportunity, leadership, and pay in the workplace or be marginalized in every other arena. We know that as gender gaps close, we all experience significant improvements in our workplaces and in our lives. And we live our vision of accelerating progress for women through workplace inclusion.   

What's good for women, is good for men, good for business, good for our societies, and good for the world at large.

As a Catalyst supporter organization, you are committed to being an employer of choice. Promoting that status is an important aspect of attracting the best and brightest talent. We welcome requests for use of our logo, content, and boilerplate.

Catalyst Logo

Catalyst is widely recognized as the global leader in expanding opportunities for women and business. The Catalyst logo represents a dedication to creating and supporting diverse and inclusive workplaces. We encourage organizations to use our logo and connect directly to our vision of “Changing workplaces. Changing lives.”

Applying the Catalyst logo to your organization’s materials highlights your commitment to the recruitment, retention, and advancement of women in the workplace, and your understanding that what’s good for women is good for business, good for all employees, and good for communities. The Catalyst logo is commonly applied to organizational Internet and intranet sites, recruitment collateral, and event promotional materials when Catalyst is a collaborator and supporter.

In 2012, in conjunction with Catalyst’s 50th anniversary celebration, we unveiled a new brand identity, including a new logo that expresses our commitment to inciting progress. This logo is available in regional representations: Catalyst, Catalyst Canada, Catalyst Europe, and Catalyst India WRC. The Catalyst logo is rendered in a specific design, and it should not be altered in any way other than re-sizing as a complete graphic. Under no circumstances should other logos be developed and/or utilized to suggest collaboration, partnership, or support from Catalyst, unless otherwise agreed upon in writing.

To apply the Catalyst logo to your organization's websites and/or collateral materials, please complete the Logo Request and Release Form, which includes graphic instructions, permissions, and contact information. 

Catalyst Content

Catalyst’s research and strategic advice covering topics such as career development, business and management issues, and diversity and inclusion, are powerful resources organizations can use to enhance their own activities in these areas. Browse our Knowledge Center for a complete listing of Catalyst resources.

To use our content, please complete the Request Catalyst Content Form.

Linking Permission

Unauthorized posting of Catalyst products to your site is prohibited. However, you may hyperlink directly to Catalyst products on our website without written permission.

When linking to Catalyst products, please link to the HTML product page (e.g., rather than the PDF associated with it. By linking to our site, you help Catalyst measure interest in our reports and ensure users are downloading the current version of our work.