Catalyst Inclusive Leadership Learning Experiences

Your organization’s competitiveness depends on its ability to create an inclusive workplace that fully leverages the talents of your diverse workforce. Organizations intentionally building, and individual leaders trained in how to build and sustain an inclusive workplace can turn diversity into a strategic business advantage.

Catalyst has many learning pathways for developing inclusive leaders at all levels of your organization. For more information, please contact Krista Brookman, Vice President, Inclusive Leadership Initiative or fill out the form at the bottom of this page.

Online Learning Experience on CatalystX

The virtual learning experience, in partnership with edX, the nonprofit online learning platform founded by MIT and Harvard, makes Catalyst research and advice available to larger numbers of individuals and organizations in the form of a high-quality leadership development curriculum. CatalystX MOOCs allow for unlimited worldwide participation online, and they provide interactive communities for learners and instructors. Current courses available are:

Inclusive Leadership Training: Becoming a Successful Leader is running as a Self-Paced course through February 6, 2018.    

♦ Inclusive Leadership Training: Get Beyond Work-Life Balance is running as a Self-Paced course through February 6, 2018.  

Inclusive Leadership Training: Leading With Effective Communication is running as a Self-Paced course through February 6, 2018.

♦ Communication Skills for Bridging Divides is running as a Self-Paced course through February 6, 2018.

These courses are part of our Inclusive Leadership Professional Certificate Program.

"Becoming a Successful Leader" is available in Spanish too. Entrenamiento de Liderazgo Inclusivo: Cómo Convertirse en un Líder Exitoso will start May 16, 2017 as an Instructor-Paced course. Enrollment open now.

"Inclusive Leadership Training taught me to think like a CEO. Being driven and passionate to the extent that you search and study online courses and materials, complete extra homework, and take extra exams beyond what is taught in school shows initiative and can lead to great things."—Ali Khaled Heikal, CatalystX Student

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Blended Learning Experience Delivered by BlessingWhite

Leading With Inclusion is a leadership development suite of solutions that brings together the expertise and research of Catalyst with the instructional design and consultative expertise of BlessingWhite. The blended learning experience in partnership with leadership development training consultants BlessingWhite/GP Strategies provides access to the inclusive leadership curriculum through an in-person or virtual instructor-led offering. Organizations that choose Leading With Inclusion will gain a positive, research-based approach to developing leaders who can effectively tap into all the benefits of a diverse workforce.

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Experiential Learning for Employee Resource Group Leaders

The Catalyst Employee Resource Leadership Initiative (ERLI) engages and connects Employee Resource Group leaders—for any demographic—across companies, industries, functions, and regions to share ideas and practices while learning how to amplify inclusion. Through a variety of formats including virtual and live events, ERLI will train ERG leaders to drive inclusion within their companies at the individual and group levels. Outcomes for participants include strategies for enhancing the ERG’s business and inclusion impact, a network of external ERG contacts at other Catalyst member companies, and skills in inclusive leadership behaviors.

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Inclusive Leadership Learning Made Possible By

Board Circle Donors
BMO Financial Group
Kimberly-Clark Corporation

President Circle Donors
Allstate Insurance Company
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