Catalyst Women On Board™

It's about sponsorship

Catalyst Women On Board™ is building a cadre of talented women corporate directors to solve the boardroom diversity challenge in Canada and The United States. 

Our exclusive cohort of mentor/sponsors understand that who you know matters enormously to a candidate’s ability to be nominated and selected. Their active sponsorship of women board candidates is essential to enabling women’s advancement to boards and to enabling companies to find and appoint strong women board candidates.

Board diversity matters

Diversity at all levels of an organization, including the board, is a key driver of business performance. Smart companies know this and make diversity an intrinsic part of their corporate strategy and ensure their board members are representative of their customers, shareholders, and stakeholders.

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High-performing companies have diverse leadership. Diversity matters to these companies, because they know it intrinsically drives their bottom-line.

But the reality is, most companies fail to take the actions needed to enable them to benefit from diversity. What are they missing?

For one thing, they don’t have enough, or sometimes any, women on their boards. Click here to see how women are represented on boards globally.

Don’t be left behind. Closing the gender gap on corporate boards is possible.

Lead the movement. Join us.

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