Executive Sessions

Get Your Leaders On Board

Some leaders have difficulty translating their commitment to Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) into action, or may be mired in important business issues that prevent them from seeing the connections between D&I, their work, and enterprise success. Meetings That Matter are engaging, often courageous, conversations with executives, in a variety of formats, that increase their awareness of diversity issues and demonstrate the impact they can have as diversity champions.


A global financial services firm wanted to raise awareness among its top leaders of the importance of including women in executive leadership, and to use their increased commitment to support a well designed strategy to develop and advance women. Catalyst proposed a high-impact session, to take place during the company’s annual gathering of firm leaders, and worked with contacts at the firm to develop the format: a panel of former and current CEOs from client and other organizations, to be introduced by firm leadership and moderated by Catalyst’s own CEO. The panelists highlighted the value of women in leadership, and demonstrated how organizations that do not create inclusive workplaces for women will be left behind in terms of reputation, talent, and clients. The session was highly successful, not only on its own but as part of the firm’s larger diversity strategy; in fact, it was recorded and used extensively in follow-up communications.