Strategic Focused Insight Sessions

Tackle a Discrete Issue With Focused Advice

Often, we hear from members who simply want to talk things through with an expert. They are looking for a thought partner or sounding board to review current activities, discuss issues and opportunities, provide expert context, or help them determine appropriate next steps. Strategic Focused Insight Sessions are designed for Catalyst member organizations in need of strategic input or opinions on any given program, policy, organizational challenge, upcoming meeting, or big idea—no topic is off limits and no size is too small. Sessions can last a few hours or days, take place consecutively, or through the course of a year.


A global healthcare company with a robust talent management system and numerous external awards supporting its status as an employer of choice was dissatisfied with its progress toward greater diversity. Company management had developed a number of theories as to why progress had stalled, and regional leaders had offered anecdotal evidence about various local dynamics that might impede progress. Tasked with making real change, the head of Organizational Development (OD) employed Catalyst to help establish next steps. Through quarterly check-ins, Catalyst shared global research, suggested assessments that could confirm (or revise) the manager’s assumptions about what was impeding progress, and provided best-practice ideas to propel winning strategies.


Using a more systematic approach, company management was able to establish the precise barriers to progress. This gave them the confidence to select a few strategies tailored to the company’s unique challenges. Despite its small size, the OD team was able to make a big impact with strategic platforms that it could maintain internally.