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Our Mission: Create Inclusive Workplaces

Catalyst is the leading nonprofit organization with a mission to accelerate progress for women through workplace inclusion. 

We work with businesses, governments, organizations, and individuals who share our goal of creating workplaces where employees representing every dimension of diversity can thrive. 

At Catalyst, we believe that 

  • All employees should be valued for their unique perspectives, experiences, and skills. 
  • All employees should also feel part of their team. 

When this occurs, employees feel included in their workplaces and individuals, managers, teams, organizations, and communities benefit. 

Our Team: You

We can’t accomplish our mission without organizations and people like you. 


Join us in developing inclusive leaders and workplaces by learning how to both support our work and take advantage of our programs, services, products, and communities.


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Catalyst has been recognized by CharityWatch as a "Top-Rated" Charity and by New York magazine as a 2015 top charity for women's rights. Catalyst is a priority listing by World Wide Women, the first-ever global resource center for women. Click the logos below to find out more. 


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